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I am reviewing for you what I believe to be the best harmonicas in the price range of $20 to $50.  This is the Price range where MOST harmonicas are sold.  Ok, when I say most, I mean besides the plastic toys that you get for your 5 year old.  There are more than 10 harmonicas in this price range.   However, I’ve decided to only list what I believe to be the top 10 harmonicas for under $50.00.  The list is subject to change and when I get around to reading the emails you send me, I am fairly convinced that there is definitely room for debate.  I will tell you that really ANY of these Harmonicas that I have listed are GREAT Options and you will be happy, especially if you stick to the top 5.

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Hohner Special Twenty Harmonica, Key of C There is a Reason that this Hohner is a #1 Selling harmonica on Amazon. It is a sweet thing for a great price. MADE IN GERMANY. Easy to Play, tone and Bend (Bending is combining notes on a harmonica to make the sound of notes not on a harmonica) (ie combine C and D and make C#) The Special Twenty has beautiful tone and style. OUR DEFINITE PICK FOR #1 IN THE BELOW $50.00 PRICE RANGE. ★★★★★+

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Lee Oskar 1910-C Harmonica MOST COMMON use for jazz, rock and the blues. Gather your family around and get your knees slapping. Lee Oskar is definitely an up and coming brand and makes a great harmonica. A PERFECT BEGINNERS HARMONICA!★★★★★+

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Suzuki Promaster Hammond Harmonica A COMES WITH A HARD SHELL CASE. Put this Suzuki Harmonica into your breast pocket and take it with you always. A Smooth sound with a smooth look. One reviewer says: "Built like a truck, sings like a bird." For my money, I'm buying this Suzuki Harp.★★★★★ +

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Suzuki PROMASTER HARMONICA Suzuki or Hohner Harmonica? Great Question. Suzuki is really bringing the heat to Hohner. The Suzuki Promaster is a mid price harmonica that absolutely blows. Whereas the Hohner is known for a more bluesy sound, this Suzuki has a BRIGHT AND SWEET SOUND.★★★★★

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Hohner Golden Melody Harmonica HOHNER GOLDEN REVIEW: A Ten hole instrument with an 'equal temperament' that makes it ideal for COUNTRY MUSIC. A Loud, Sweet, Crisp sound. Easy to Bend with a Nice Sound. A perfect Harp. ★★★★★

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Hohner 560BX-C Special 20 One Amazon reviewer says that this is the "best harmonica for the money." This harmonica may be easier to bend then some of the harps listed above, including the Lee Oskar. SO MANY Choices! AAH!★★★★★

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Suzuki 2 Timer Tremolo Harmonica SUITED FOR FOLK AND COUNTRY. Great Lightweight harp that will not disappoint. ★★★★

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Hohner M2009BX-C Wait this harp is listed at $53.50? Ok, so it is above the $50 dollar threshold by $3 bucks. Well, sometimes Amazon changes their price and I think it has dropped below $50 bucks. Out of all of the mid priced Hohner, this one may be the easiest to hold. The comb is sealed. The finish is fine. And the playing is great. This Hohner is a great Harp. I give it only 4 stars because of the Price. ★★★★

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Hohner H455C Harmonica Review of the Hohner H455C: Comes with 24 double holes and 48 reeds and a plastic comb. KEY OF C. Bust out a 20 and you'll get a sweet playing machine. Love this harmonica for all of my kids. Me, I'm going to put a little more money into a nicer comb and better equipped harp. So, 4 Stars. Sue me later. ★★★★

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Hohner Marine Band Harmonica OK - so it was played by the likes of John Lennon and Bruce Springstein. I'm still going to have to ding you a little bit on the comfort and ease of play. Not as good as the Special 20. Still, if you like it because of who has played it, please pull the trigger. You'll still love it.★★★★

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COMB: The comb is the main body of the harmonica that covers the wind holes.  When harmonicas were first made, the comb was made out of wood.  Now, they are made of either plastic or metal.  The standard for good harmonicas is a metal comb.

Sound: Harmonicas are built and designed to produce different kinds of sounds.  Some harmonicas are built for a particular sound but evolve and change.  Read the reviews on Amazon to see what the users are producing from the particular harmonica.  For example, the Honey Golden Hohner has caught on as the “country harmonica” and is being used by many country artists.

Key of C: Most professionals recommend that beginners start with a harmonica in the key of C.  It gives flexibility to the music you are playing and starts a building block of learning.  Once mastered, there may be various types of harmonicas that match your sound.


Listen to the Harmonica before you decide on one.

#1: Hohner Special Twenty Video Review (Start at 1:06)

How to play harmonica – Hohner Special 20 demonstration

Summary of Review: Sweet sound with easy bending.  A little bit sassy.  

#2: Lee Oskar 1910-C Harmonica Video Review (Start at :55sec)

'C' Harmonica vs. 'A' Harmonic Minor Harmonica

Summary of Review: More Traditional Sound

#3: Suzuki Promaster Hammond Harmonica A Video Review (Start at :10sec)

Ken Leiboff plays Suzuki "Hammond Mouth Organ"

Summary of Review: Bending Genius

#4: Suzuki PROMASTER HARMONICA A Video Review

Suzuki ProMaster Valved Diatonics

Summary of Review: Bright and Sweet just like the review

#5: Hohner Golden Melody Harmonica Video Review (Start at 1:16)

Hohner Golden Melody Harmonica Review

Summary of Review: Soulful Blues

#6: Hohner 560BX-C Video Review

Harmonica Blues- Hohner Marine Band Key of C

Summary of Review: Rocking all night

#7: Suzuki 2 Timer Tremolo Video Review

What A Wonderful World

Summary of Review: Very Folksy. Knee slapper.

#8: Hohner M2009BX-C Video Review

The New HOHNER Crossover-Harp

Summary of Review: New and Great

#9: Hohner Echo Celeste Video Review

Oh Holy Night, on Hohner Echo Harp Harmonica

Summary of Review: Perfect Campfire Harmonica

#10: Hohner Marine Band Video Review (Start at 6:05)

HOHNER Marine Band – The Original Blues Harmonica – Part 1

Summary of Review: The Original Blues Harmonica



You can’t go wrong with any of these Top 10 harmonicas for under $50.00.  In fact, I will say that you will love any of them.  You just need to find the one that fits your ear as your sound.  For me, it is the Hohner Special 20.  The sound stands out to me and gets me moving.  Some of the best times in my life that I can remember are listening to Dad play the harmonica or playing it myself in the car on long family road trips.  Unlike a Saxophone or other large instrument that requires space to play.  The Harmonica is the perfect pocket instrument.  Pull it out at any time to put a smile on someone’s face.



I generally do not endorse “The Dummy” books. However, whoever they got to write this Dummy book for Harmonica players knew what they were doing. It is a great guide for beginners and intermediate players to learn how to play. Great book.

Harmonica for Dummies

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