Harmonicas $500 to $1500


IMG_1378 There are not many harmonicas that cost over $500 dollars.
 And in the Spirit of Full disclosure I have never touched or played a harmonica worth that much.  I do own a Hohner Super Chromatic, that I absolutely Love.   I bought mine for close to $500, but I was in Germany at the time.  They look to be a little cheaper on Amazon, at least in America.   So without writing much of a review, I will list a couple of Professional Harps that cost more than $500.00.

The Prices are Approximates and Change often on Amazon.  Click link for the Most Recent Price.

Suzuki SC-128 Tremolo Chromatic

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I have never played a tremolo harmonica.  Tremolo harmonicas have two reeds per note which creates a sort of ‘warbling’ sound that you can more clearly here in the video below.  I mainly like the Suzuki Tremolo for the look.  Pretty looking harp.

Frere Jaques, Variation in Minor – on harmonica, Suzuki SCT-128

Hohner 265 Double Bass

$Click for Price

A Beastly Bass.  Love the Sound.  I’d have to sell my house to be able to afford it though.

Hohner Bass Harmonica

Suzuki S-56S

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I know one thing.  It has a VERY Pretty Sound.  Would love to own this. If you’re looking for something less expensive read our reviews of harmonicas from 50$ to 500$


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