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IMG_1378 If you are spending over $50 on a harmonica, you had better make sure it is a good one. 
I started playing a harmonica when I was in 2nd grade and used a Hohner plastic model.  In 5th grade I moved up to a $30 Special Twenty and loved it.  I used a similar model through middle school and into high school.  After moving to Germany for a while I got the itch to get a luxury harmonica.  I saved up my money and begged my wife for a Hohner Chromatic.  I love it and look for every opportunity to play, which is less frequent now that I have so many kids.  I have listed the Hohner chromatic as my number one option.  It may not be yours.  I am definitely open to ideas about criticisms.  I think all of these harmonicas on this top ten list make great, professional sounding harps. Looking for the best harmonicas on earth check out our harmonica reviews from 500$ to 1500$

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Hohner Super Chromatic BEFORE YOU YELL AT ME. This is the harp I grew up listening to. it is the sound I grew to love and it is an absolutely beautiful harmonica. Beautiful gold chrome and box. Plays heavenly music. ★★★★★+

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Suzuki FIREBREATH HARMONICA C NEW BAMBOO PATENT PENDING casing. Keeps it tight and sealed. Made for the Blues, Funk, Jazz and Soul. Plays true when blowing soft and sounds great when blowing loud. A truly spectacular harmonica. ★★★★★+

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Hohner 7545T-C CX-12 'IT SOUNDS LIKE A PIPE ORGAN'. I think the tone is beautiful. Parts that easily came apart for cleaning. Some think the Seydel are better, and you may to, but I've got this one coming in at #3. Wonderful harp.★★★★★+

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Seydel 1847 Noble Harmonica Seydel vs Hohner vs Suzuki. They are all great harps. Some would put these in a different order and even put this Seydel on top. I may too on a different day and with different music in front of me. I give it 5+ Stars and think it is awesome. Every hole on this instrument blows beautifully.★★★★★+ 

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Suzuki Promaster Hammond The Suzuki Promaster is a Pros Pro harmonica. It has outstanding tone and is "smooth on the lips" and glides easily. I can't find anything to criticize about this harp so I'm giving it 5+ Stars. So that means the top 5 all have 5+ Stars.★★★★★+

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Hohner Marine Band Thunderbird The Marine Band Drops to #6? Blasphemy. This is nothing against the harmonica. It is Great. You will love it. I just couldn't fit it into the top five. I love how it plays though. I am actually currently saving up to buy one of these to add to my collection of great harps.★★★★★

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Hohner Crossover A Real Pro, Top Quality, Blues Harmonica. That is all. You won't be disappointed.★★★★★

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Suzuki Gold Promaster Had to put this one in the Top 10. It just looks like a Million Bucks. Reminds me of last week at church. I told one of the old men (who had recent health problems) that he looks like a million bucks. He answered "Yeah, green and wrinkly."★★★★★ 

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Suzuki Chromatix Series One interesting review from someone on Amazon: I have owned Hohner, Hering, and Huang Harmonicas. The Suzuki is far better than any of those. Great mouthpiece and super smooth slide action. So there you have it. I'm not going to argue with him. I HAVE NOT played this Suzuki★★★★

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Lee Oskar Harmonica 5-Pack with Case I couldn't pass this one without putting it on the list. You get 5 great harps in a carrying case. A perfect gift for any harmonica player. Comes in keys of G, A, C, D, and F★★★★ 

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Listen to the Harmonica before you decide on one.

#1: Hohner 7584 Super 64X Chromatic Video Review

Morning Dance with Hohner Super 64 1-21-10 .AVI

Summary of Review: Not a Great video, but a great harmonica. The Best.  

#2: Suzuki FIREBREATH HARMONICA C Video Review

Suzuki Fire Breath and Pure Harp

Summary of Review: Real High End. Outstanding Performance.

#3: Hohner 7545T-C CX-12 Video Review

Ken Leiboff boogies on a "Hohner cx12"

Summary of Review: The Player on this video actually prefers the Seydel which comes in as our #4

#4: Seydel 1847 Noble Harmonica Video Review

Seydel 1847 Silver Review

Summary of Review: Sounds Perfect.

#5: Suzuki Promaster Hammond

Suzuki Promaster MR-350, #73

Summary of Review: Soulful Blues

#6: Hohner Marine Band Thunderbird Video Review

Harmonica Thunderbird Shuffle Blues – Hohner Marine Band Thunderbird in low A

Summary of Review: Saving up to buy one.

#7: Hohner Crossover Video Review (Start at 4:45)

Hohner Crossover Unboxing

Summary of Review: Sounds good. Real Good.

#8: Suzuki Gold Promaster Video Review

SUZUKI Promaster MR350 – Summertime played by Filip Jers

Summary of Review: Just Perfect

#9: Suzuki Chromatix Series Video Review

Fly Me To The Moon – Chromatic harmonica

Summary of Review: Fly me to the moon

#10: Lee Oskar

Lee Oskar Major Diatonic Harmonica

Summary of Review: Swinging



I think I’ve got a good list here.  I am getting some feedback from more professional players than myself with suggestions for change.  I am looking into changing some of the harmonica positions on this list.  The feel that I get is that the Suzuki models are climbing and may be overtaking some of the Hohner models.  I am so biased with Hohner because I played it growing up and my Father swore by them.  I will continue to monitor the harmonica landscape and make changes as necessary. Want a nice harmonica but looking to spend a little less? Try our harmonica reviews from 20$ to 50$



I generally do not endorse “The Dummy” books. However, whoever they got to write this Dummy book for Harmonica players knew what they were doing. It is a great guide for beginners and intermediate players to learn how to play. Great book.

Harmonica for Dummies

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