Where to Find Free Harp Music?

Where to Find Free Harmonica Music?

If you are a beginning harmonica player, which about 95% of the world is, than you are going to want to start with Harmonica Tabs.  Harmonica Tabs are just the numbers of the holes on your instrument with a +, -, –, or nothing before the numbered hole.  Here is what the symbols mean:

+ = Blow into the harmonica

– = Suck in or draw air

— = Bend the note to make a half note

Nothing = Blow into the harmonica.

So, let’s start with a “easy” song on Harmonicatabs.com: Kiss the Girl (Little Mermaid)

There you see her
4    4  -4   5
Sitting there across the way
4  4    4    4  4  -4   5

(So far, so good.  No notes to blend a straight forward rendition of the Disney favorite)

You will notice however, that when you get to the next line, that your C harmonica will not be able to make the note for ‘say’ or ‘but’

She don’t got a lot to say
-5   -5   -5 -5 -5  4  –3
But there’s something about her
–3   4      -5  -5   6 -5   5

Those notes you have to bend to make a half note that is not on the harmonica.  A short note from Wiki on Bending:

In addition to the 20 notes readily available on the diatonic harmonica, players can play other notes by adjusting their embouchure and forcing the reed to resonate at a different pitch. Although it is notoriously difficult and can be frustrating for beginners, one does this by relaxing and coordinating muscles in the throat, mouth, and lips. This technique is called “bending”, a term borrowed from guitarists, who literally “bend” a string in order to create subtle changes in pitch. Using bending, a player can reach all the notes on the chromatic scale. “Bending” also creates the glissando characteristic of much blues harp and country harmonica playing. Bending on a guitar bends the pitch upward. However, typically “bending” on a harmonica means the pitch falls downward. Bends are essential for most blues and rock harmonica due to the soulful sounds the instrument can bring out. The famous “wail” of the blues harp typically required bending.

The Hohner Special C bends easily and I have enjoyed playing ‘Kiss the Girls’ for the kids sitting around the campfire.

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